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Day 16 – A U-Kiss/SS501/KARA member that you would want to have sex with.

No... GIRLS... I hate KARA.

And U-Kiss... God, the only thing I know is that I dun want to hook up with Kibum, Kevin and Dongho.
The fellow four, Eli, Kiseop, Soohyun and Xander - I like them equaly, so... It'll be a tough choice. Let's go.

KISEOP. (Lepiej, żebyśmy wszystkie były Kiseopem niż jedna z nas Kibumem!)
Fierce Kiseop~
I already picked Soohuyn once and yes - I'd still would like to fuck him but Kiseop... I like him. I REALLY like him. I can't say too much abt his talent =D Like... They didin't gave him too many parts in U-Kiss songs. Sometimes they picked him cuz he's a pretty uljang idk. What I think is that he has potential and OH MY GOD he looks so fine esp lately, I want to rape him! AAAARRRRGGHHHHHHH!

HYUN JOONG. aka Pingpong xD
Well... He's atractive, right? =D
I don't know SS501 too good, I know really few songs, I don't even know members names.
I know him not because of SS501 but because of Boys over flowers drama. I don't like dramas hehe~
Ummm...yeaaaaaaah... Kim Hyun Joong. Maybe want.

But KARA's member? NEVER.
Day 15 – A DBSK/ZE:A/4minute member that you would want to hook up with

Oh my god, it's worse than yesterday D:
Like... I don't even know 4minute...

JAEJOONG. Although I don't listen to TVXQ anymore I can deny that he was my bias and I was crazy abt him.
He's so talented, maybe he can't dance, but he's one of the best singers I've ever heard. You just can't say that JJ can't sing.
You can't also say that he isn't hot, cuz he IS. He's so fine and good-looking~ Great body and muscles, beutiful face.
Yeah, I still could hook up wth him.

JOON YEONG. The better version of Yoochun kkkkkk~
I was bouncing a bit between him and Dongjoon but in the end he won.
I don't know ZE:A too much, but he's good-looking and hot and cute too.
But I'm not sure if blonde hair fit him... Those almost-white-but-still-yellow hair...
He's handsome woohoo^^

4minute, sorry. I don't even know them
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Day 14 – A SHINee/f(x)/T-ara member of the other sex that you would want to hook up with.

NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I've to pick so many GIRLS today. I dun want to hook up with girls k? K?!
Ah, fuck. Let's do day 14
(at last)

ONEW *_____________* sry Key, ur kinky n wonderful bot NO, not this time~
YES, I know it's Onew, still I want to have sex with him.
I always liked him, he's so funny, nice and he seems to be really great person.
But dear god... He's so damn fine lately. ONEW'S HOT!

VICTORIA. Well it's just because from f(x) I know her the most.
Sometimes her behaviour is annoying (just like her voice), but in general she's ok I guess~
Oh, I like her hair~

BORAM. Idk she seems to be different. Look at her. She's not cute, she's not a ultimate beauty, not girly at all, she seems to be quiet and shy. And I think that's why I like her.
She also remind me of Jaejoong a bit... When he was younger.
Yes she's totally my fav from T-ara.

27 September 2010 @ 11:59 am
Moving to Poznań today~
Hope I won't jizz in my pants...

Day 13 – A Super Junior/Infinite/SNSD member that you would want to have sex with.

YESUNG. My ultimate SuJu bias^^
Yesung is funny, goofy, stupid, good-looking. He's also talented. Kyu's the best singer among SuJu members, but for me Yesung is right behind him.
I've found a Yesung/Hangeng fic once. Since that time Yesung is a sex god for me srsly =D Dolphin you know what I'm saying ;)
I wish he'd do to me what he did to Hangeng kkkkk~

MYUNGSOO. The reason is simple. He's my fav member of Infinite.
He caught my attention when I saw Come back again for the first time.
He has the 'bad boy' appearance. Dunno, he looks a bit like a mad puppy =D
Anyway, among Infinite boys he's the one I'd like to hook up with.

SNSD. Sorry but I won't pick any of them. I know I should, but fuck it. I hate SNSD so why should I want to have sex with any of them... Maybe I could pick the one I hate the less. But I hate them equally.
They could disappear, srsly.
Ya know... I don't sleep with enemies.