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06 October 2010 @ 11:58 am
The K-POP Sexual Frustration Blog 30-Day Challenge - day 17  
Day 17 – A 2PM/2AM/Wonder Girls member that you would want to have sex with.

JUNSU. 'k I could write an essay here. He's mu ultimate bias, not only from 2PM. I LOVE HIM 'k? From his head to toes. His hair, voice, smile, weird eyes, shirtless Junsu ftw~ I love hands and he has the most beautiful hands ever. And his arms...uhhhhh! People say he's fake, had like...a million plastic surgerys but I don't believe in everything they say and don't really care. Even if he fixed his nose I DON'T care! He looks good and is so talented. Also, he's so clumsy that I I just have to love him =)
So why I want to have sex with him? Well, just thinking about him makes me wet. If I ever meet him, I'll die =D
He'd fuck me aaaaaaaaall night long and I'd be the happiest person ever =D

JINWOON. OMG I love him so much^^ I think he's my only maknae-bias. I love his killer smile, smiling eyes, his body (take your shirt off, I kno you have boobs!), his absolutely wonderful voice. He's tall and big, has great arms and legs.
I'd LOVE to se him shirtless srsly. Although he's smiling 24/7 and he's really sweet boy, he'd turn into beast in bed kkkkk~
So Jinwoon, fuck me pls.

She has that badass look =]
I think spending time with her would be really fun and teresting.
She seems to be a person who like to hang out here and there and she's a bad girl ;)
I like her voice too.