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10 October 2010 @ 07:03 pm
The K-POP Sexual Frustration Blog 30-Day Challenge - day 18  
Day 18 – An FT Island/CN Blue/After School member that you would want to have sex with.

MINHWAN. Because maknae is sexy and has the cutest smile ever :3
I remember when I started to listen to FTI he was just 15 yo~ Now he isn't much older, but whatever...
Since he's a drummer his arms are realllllllly stroooooong (I saw his muscles!).
Who cares that he's so young? I dun't currrrr~

JONGHYUN. I don't really know CN Blue and their music. I picked him cuz for me he's the most handsome there =D
I saw just one CN Blue's performance, they aren't that bad I guess. IDK
Anyway, I like guitarists, plus Junghyun has good voice and smexy eyes and he's tall, which is good too.

BEKAH. She seems to be a crazy and wild girl. Look at her twitter pics =D
I think spending time eith her just can't be boring. She isn't a ultimate beauty or a barbie doll.
She's more like the girl next door.
If I know her we'd spend a lot of time outside. Clubbing anyone? =D
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